That’s a scary thought.

Via Weekly Standard:

Last night, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attended the last ball of the Second Inauguration–the Staff Inaugural Ball.

“My main job here tonight,” Obama told the campaign staff, volunteers, and Democratic National Committee staff, “is really simple: It’s just to say thank you. All of you have come to represent for me and Michelle our deepest hopes for America. The average age here is probably around 20 something. And that’s only because I’m here, which brings the average age up, quite a bit.”

Obama compared himself to the group of staffers and said, in the words of the pool reporter, that “the crowd was more capable, serious and poised than he was at that age.”

“It makes me know that America’s future is in good hands. As long as all of you understand the immense and incredible power that you possess when you work together, when you join voices,” Obama said.