Of course he also played the race card, saying GOP controlled state legislatures will try and prevent black people from voting.

Via Mediaite:

Following President Obama‘s second inaugural speech, MSNBC host Chris Matthewssuggested that because the Republican Party is now so unpopular, in order to win future elections they will have to “rig it” through new voter laws.

“If states like Pennsylvania ever get controlled by Republican legislators, that is frightening,” Matthews said, implying those GOP-led legislatures will attempt to curb the voting rights of the largely Democratic black voting base within the states’ urban areas. Co-host Rachel Maddow agreed, adding that swing states like Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Ohio are other places where Republicans may attempt to “break up the bloc.” […]

He concluded: “And what I see them doing is saying, ‘Okay, we know we’re never going to be popular again, so we’re going to have to rig it.”