Same president who “umms” and “uhhs” his way through unscripted remarks.

Via Mediaite:

TIME Magazine reporter Jon Meacham joined MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Monday for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. Both Meacham and Matthews compared Obama to President Ronald Reagan and asked if he can achieve a lasting legacy in his second term through compromise with his opponents. Meacham said that he thought so because, like Reagan whose formative experience in life came from being a labor organizer and an actor, Obama’s background is that of a college professor. Professors, Meacham said, are able to ‘think in more complex terms’ and ‘reach more nuanced positions.’

“There is a certain resemblance on the other side of the political spectrum to Reagan,” Matthews said of the president. “He certainly wasn’t a rightwing president towards the end, except for Iran-Contra of course.”

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