I’m guessing the fools at TWC have no idea what a semi-automatic weapon is. Think about how many action movies, TV shows and video game commercials they just flushed down the toilet.

(MC News) — Just weeks after the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Con., Time Warner Cable has initiated a company-wide ban on certain gun ads.

“We no longer accept ads showing semi-automatic weapons and guns pointed at people,” Time Warner Cable said in a statement. “We stand by this policy. If it’s essential to a business owner to show this kind of imagery in their commercials, there are other advertising options in the marketplace.”

On Dec. 14, 27 people, including 20 elementary school children, were killed at Sandy Hook. The tragedy has spurred a national outcry for tougher gun laws.

On Jan. 16 President Barack Obama mapped out new gun control measures that would require universal background checks for all gun purchasers and place a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association said in a statement Wednesday that it supported the President’s proposals.