Try following this twisted logic.

Via Free Beacon:

JAN SCHAKOWSKY: And you know – this debt ceiling issue is just crazy. I stand with the Koch brothers right now –

NEIL CAVUTO: Was it crazy seven years ago when a lot of your Democratic colleagues voted against raising it? Was it crazy then?

SCHAKOWSKY: Well, except it wasn’t real and this is real. The last time –

CAVUTO: Well I guess “real” is in the eye of the beholder Congresswoman.


CAVUTO: If it was theatrics then, I guess it’s theatrics now, right?

SCHAKOWSKY: It was more — you know that those past votes were more symbolic, but when we really had a crisis over the debt ceiling in 2011, there were real consequences. Real lasting consequences, and we didn’t even — we did raise the debt ceiling in the end, but we saw the deficit grow, Neil, when there was this threat to — and so as I said I stand with the Koch brothers, the U.S. chamber of commerce, against the debt crisis.