No surprise, Krugman, like all libs, wants as many Americans as possible dependent on the government so they will be slaves to the Democratic party.

( – Liberal economist Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist, called food stamps the “soup kitchens of the modern depression,” at a time when federal spending on food stamps has climbed to a record $80.4 billion.

“We have in some ways made things more civilized, but also more invisible,” Krugman said Friday during an interview with Bill Moyers on “Moyers & Company” on PBS.

“Somebody said that food stamps are the soup kitchens of the modern Depression, that there are a lot of people who would be standing in line to get that soup who are instead – and it’s a good thing – who are instead getting – I guess now called SNAP Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program, who are getting those debit cards and are getting essential food stuffs, and they’re at the grocery store and they look like anybody else,” Krugman said.