They obviously don’t think highly of the American public’s intelligence if they think nuance like this will fool us.

WASHINGTON — With President Barack Obama set to introduce a comprehensive set of gun policy proposals on Wednesday, a top allied think tank is urging Democrats to adjust their framing of the issue.

The Center for American Progress has already put out a series of legislative recommendations in response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month. On Tuesday, the center put out a messaging memo.

Instead of gun control, the memo reads, those pushing for government action should emphasize the notion of “preventing gun violence.” Gun regulations, the memo adds, are not at odds with Second Amendment rights but, rather, a supplement to them. And while the “gun lobby” may be against “common sense” gun laws, those laws prevent firearms from ending up in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

An official with the Center for American Progress confirmed that it would be sending its “gun violence prevention” memo to like-minded stakeholders as well as offices on Capitol Hill.