Via Breitbart:

Vice President Joe Biden is leading a “gun control task force” for President Obama-the goal of which is to figure out the best way to push new control measures on the American people.

A member of this “gun control task force” is a Boston policeman whose son was convicted of planning a 2004 Columbine-style attack on Marshfield High School.

The officer is Thomas Nee, and his son is Joseph Nee.

The news on the planned attack is ubiquitous; The Boston Globe covered it and stories about it remain extant on their website.

The charges against Joseph included conspiracy to commit murder. And the Globe reported that when the Judge found Joseph guilty, Thomas Nee—the man on Biden’s gun control task force—grew so angry that he screamed in the court room.

Making this even uglier, according to the Globe, the handgun Joe Nee had with him to commit the deed was believed to be his father’s service gun.

Also on the task force is Attorney General Eric Holder, who suggested in 1995 that people must be “brainwashed” to dislike guns.