Another warning the world will ignore.

(EWTN) — Three Coptic Catholic bishops have said that Egypt’s new constitution threatens human rights and imposes Islamic Sharia law in many of the country’s areas.

“We were waiting for a constitution that represents the whole of Egypt, but instead we have one that only represents one group of people,” Bishop Kyrillos William, Administrator of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria, told the Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church in Need.

He said the constitution “not only outlines the principles of Sharia, but describes in detail all of the values and opinions contained in the Sharia. It will be terrible: everything will be interpreted according to Sharia.”

“Everywhere in the constitution there are clauses saying everything should be in accordance with Islamic law,” the bishop said, charging that this countered President Mohammed Morsi’s promise to build a modern democratic state.

President Morsi signed the constitution into law Jan. 9 after voters approved the constitution by 63.8 percent in a two-part December election that attracted 16 million voters overall, a 32.9 percent turnout.

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