No, not a parody.

Via National Journal:

Perhaps we should wait until his second term begins before carving Barack Obama’s face in Mount Rushmore. Is that asking too much?

The other day, I wrote that Obama has a shot at immortality if he leads the nation to substantial progress on gun violence, the national debt and climate change. My colleague and old friend Jill Lawrence filed a provactive rebuttal today: “What does a president have to do these days to get his face carved into a mountainside?”

There are limits on what Obama can do, Jill wrote, and he “already has notched two or three accomplishments that cement his legacy.”

In other words, break out the chisels!

I had expected conservatives to criticize me for having the audacity to hope for our president’s immortality. And they did. But I was surprised to hear from many liberals, as well as Jill, who think I sold Obama short.

To be fair, my analysis failed to spell out Obama’s first-term accomplishments, although I did acknowledge his “enormous skills” and tried to focus readers on the distinction between good and great presidencies.

That may be where Jill and I disagree — over the definition of immortality, a phrase that in my mind, like Mount Rushmore, is reserved for the very few presidents who strode into extraordinary times (like ours today), out-foxed uncompromising rivals and solved intractable problems.

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