Via DCCC Email:

Drew —

Are you ready to be blown away? You might want to sit down.

We’re rewarding all of our supporters with one FREE ENTRY into our contest to win a trip to DC for President Obama’s Inauguration weekend! All you have to do is add your name and you’ll be automatically entered to win. It’s that simple.

Click here for a FREE ENTRY to win a trip to Inauguration Weekend in Washington, DC — airfare and hotel included >>

But that’s just the beginning. Enter today and you could win:

• Tickets to an Inaugural Ball
• Passes to a private luncheon with Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Members of Congress
• Airfare and hotel accommodations in the Washington, DC area

Imagine it — you and President Obama, the First Lady, and Democratic Leader Pelosi all in DC for Inauguration Weekend celebrating an election that your grassroots support helped win. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Hope to see you there!


Kelly Ward
DCCC Executive Director

One problem, it’s not free. Their link takes you here where you enter your email:

Which sends you to the donation page where if you don’t pony up some money you can’t register for the “free” chance to win: