Walsh would rather make a jackass out of herself than criticize Chicago Jesus.

Via Mediaite:

Since the New York Times printed a photo on Wednesday featuring the predominately white and male members of President Barack Obama’s inner circle, contributors and MSNBC guests have been simultaneously noting the problem this presents for the diversity movement and exonerating Obama for his failure to appoint more women and minorities to top posts. Not one MSNBC contributor or progressive blogger, however, had been able to effectively tar the opposition party for Obama’s failure to live up to their ad hoc diversity standards – that was, however, until Salon.com editor Joan Walsh stepped up to the plate. […]

Walsh took a more enterprising approach. She discovered a subtle way to blame the GOP for Obama’s staffing decisions, noting that United Nations Amb. Susan Rice — both African-American and female herself — withdrew from consideration for a Cabinet post when it became clear she would face stiff opposition from Republicans in the Senate.