Via Politico:

The debate surrounding the American military’s use of torture has followed the theatrical version of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden — and that continued right through the film’s Washington, D.C., premiere.

As soon as director Kathryn Bigelow walked onto the red carpet inside the Newseum where her film “Zero Dark Thirty” was being shown on Tuesday, about thirty anti-torture protestors stood just steps away from her.

They dressed as prisoners of war, wearing orange jumpsuits and their faces covered in black fabric, similar to the terrorists depicted in Bigelow’s film. Event staff covered the Newseum’s windows with black fabric so that they wouldn’t distract from the red carpet.

Straight from Hollywood and onto Capitol Hill, the film has reignited the contentious torture debate. In one scene, a prisoner is waterboarded by CIA agents. In another, agents cram that same prisoner into water-cooler sized crate and later force him to walk like a dog.