They were obviously trying to provoke a reaction with such an inflammatory post, and that’s exactly what they got. I could care less about them receiving death threats.

Via Daily Mail:

A gossip site has taken the controversial decision to post the name of every licensed gun owner in New York City online as the debate over gun control rages on.

Gawker posted the list of names, which is already publicly available, today. It follows the move by the Journal News to publish home addresses of gun permit owners in Westchester and Rockland counties last month. […]

An hour after the list was published on Gawker, the site reported that it had received death threats.

One caller said ‘You’re f****** dead’ while another told a female employee that she better have protection when she left her workplace. The site had contacted police about the threats.

Hundreds of comments were posted about the article and whether the decision to once again bring attention to gun permit holders was necessary.

Referring to the earlier piece in the Journal News, one commenter wrote: ‘The journal posted my address and name for my gun ownership. My past stalker saw this. I haven’t heard from him in two years, because I disappeared.

‘Now he is back and calling me……thanks to people like you bunch of a*******, looks like I will have to protect myself from becoming a murder victim. Gracias.’