C’mon, redistribute the wealth, all the cool kids are doing it.

Via The Patron Saint Of Weasel Zippers, Neal Boortz:

This really has to be seen to be believed … so the picture is here for you to see.  This is a page out of a workbook for your government school student.  What school and what schoolbook I can’t tell you … maybe the lady who sent this to me will step forward and let us know.

This is how our government schools – and the liberals who run them – effectively brainwash (though indoctrinate is a much more polite word) our children into accepting the liberal philosophy as basic truth.  This particular worksheet is meant to help your government student “understand the distributive property.”  Now I’m not a dreary slouch at math … but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever heard of the distributive property.  I strongly suspect that pretty much any student can move through school to a very successful life as a productive adult without ever having heard those words.  Really … look at this Bolshoi.  “6 groups of (3+5) = 6 groups of 3 + 6 groups of 5”  I challenge any government school teacher to call the show today and tell me why this is important.  What’s important is that the student be able to figure out what 3+5 equals (8) and that 6×8 = 48.

That, as you have guessed if you’ve looked at the picture, isn’t the real problem here.  The problem is HOW this government school document teaches the lesson.  The headline at the top of the document reads “Distribute the Wealth.”  And there you have the picture of the pretty little girl with the cute little pony tail.  She’s holding a bag of money in one hand, and giving away some of that money with the other.  Yes!  She’s distributing her wealth!  But if you study the picture you’ll see there’s an even more subtle message.  She’s not handing money away from her wallet or her purse.  No!  That wouldn’t get the real message across!  Why pretty much every little girl has a wallet or a purse.  No .. this little sweetheart has a BAG of money!  Not every little girl has BAGS of money … so this girl must be really RICH!  And since she’s rich her money needs to be redistributed!  So she’s being a good little rich girl  and she’s smiling as she hands her money away.

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