Remember during the campaign how we were constantly told that asking someone to show ID was horribly racist? Those were good times.

How to Plan for the 2013 Inauguration Ceremony and Parade — Washingtonian

. . .While the crowds aren’t expected to be as large as they were in 2009, there will still be a lot of people on the streets. There will also be an enormous amount of security, especially around the Capitol, along Pennsylvania Avenue, and near the presidential parade reviewing stand at Lafayette Park—enough to rattle nerves and drain patience. Be prepared with valid ID (for yourself and every member of the family). Expect personal searches. Overhead will be air patrols. Sharpshooters will stand at the tops of buildings. Every surveillance camera in the city will be lit up. The security forces involved include the Metropolitan Police Department, the Capitol Police, the US Park Service Police, the Secret Service, and the Executive Protective Service. In an interesting aside, the Secret Service published a procurement notice for 46 buses and their drivers to provide “barricading service” on inauguration day along the parade routes.

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