Do libs really need any help to look bad?

Via Daily Caller:

It’s been two and a half years since the last episode of Fox’s thriller television series “24,” but the show is evidently still fresh on liberal comedienne and former “24″ star Janeane Garofalo’s mind.

In an appearance on the January 3 episode of the “Going Off Track” podcast, Garofalo said show creator and executive producer Joel Surnow picked certain cast members to make liberals — particularly Hillary Clinton — look bad.

“That was actually a joke I think Joel Surnow was trying to plant,” Garofalo said. “He hated my politics and Air America. He’s a real right-winger. He actually worked with the Republican Party producing propaganda campaigns with them.” […]

Garofalo claimed Surnow made a deliberate effort to rile her up during the show’s production.

“He would also try and play ‘gotcha’ with me all the time. He would try to wind me up all the time in between takes, and some of the dialogue he had was just shitting on liberals.”

Garofalo added that she believed Surnow wanted to use “24” as a platform to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy by casting Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor on the show.

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