So then we won’t raise it, sounds good to me.

Via Mediaite:

Democratic National Committee chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) joined Luke Russert on MSNBC on Wednesday where she insisted that, now that a deal has been reached to avert the fiscal cliff by raising tax rates on high-income earning Americans, increasing the debt limit will not become the political football that was for Republicans in 2011. She said that Democrats will not negotiate with Republicans on raising the debt ceiling limit and said that any future spending cuts will be balanced with more revenues to the government.

Asked how President Barack Obama could avoid negotiating with Republicans regarding spending cuts in the upcoming fight over the debt ceiling limit increase. Wasserman Schultz said that the president will not negotiate with Republicans on maintaining the full “faith and credit of the United States.”

“The debt ceiling is a separate issue,” Wasserman Schultz said. “The bottom line: Congress incurs bills. They have to be paid. The debt ceiling is not going to be a component of these negotiations.”

Russert asked Wasserman Schultz if she was concerned that Republicans would insist on changes to entitlement programs that would reduce government expenditures in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling limit. Wasserman Schultz replied by reiterating that the debt ceiling will not be a component in any negotiations to reduce spending.

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