You have to have an ego the size of Obama’s to think people will pay to read your blog (does Sully realize his liberal reader base isn’t big on working?). Speaking from experience if you have enough traffic the advertising money (and donations to a lesser extent) are enough to sustain a website. You won’t make a ton of money by any stretch of the imagination, but most people know this before making it their profession.

Via TheDC:

After stints blogging at Time, the Atlantic, and the Daily Beast, Andrew Sullivan has announced he will be going back out on his own. Starting February 1, he will move to a new paid content model.

In return for purchasing a subscription, Sullivan promises his readers, “No corporate ownership, no advertising demands, no pressure for pageviews … just a concept designed to make your reading experience as good as possible, and to lead us not into temptation.”

For now, Sullivan is offering readers a chance to sign up for $19.99 a year, which he notes, “translates to $1.67 a month.”