I’m sure it is, especially since the Dem establishment is backing far-left über-hack Ed Markey (who doesn’t even live in Massachusetts).

(The Hill) — Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) said that Democrats are making it “awfully tempting” for him to run in a possible special election for Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) seat, if Kerry is confirmed as secretary of State.

“I’ll tell you what; They’re making it awfully tempting. You got Ed Markey: Does he even live here any more?” Brown said when on the “Jim & Margery Show” on WTKK-FM when asked about a possible run, according to the Boston Globe.

Rep. Ed Markey (D) has already announced his intentions to run for the Massachusetts seat. Several national and prominent Massachusetts Democrats, including Kerry himself, threw their support behind Markey last week.

Brown is considered a top GOP contender for the seat. He has dropped hints that he’s interested in a run, but hasn’t yet made it official. His comments on the show previewed what could be a possible attack against Markey — questions concerning his residency in Massachusetts.

“You’ve got to check the travel records. I’ve come back and forth (from Washington to Boston) every weekend, almost, for three years, and I see, you know, most of the delegation, and I have never seen Ed on the airplane — ever,” Brown said.