Who knew?

CAIRO – Dangerous sport games such as wrestling are banned in Islam because they are posing harms to athletes, a Saudi scholar has said.

“It is not permissible for a Muslim to hurt oneself in one way or another,” said Sheikh Ali Al-Hikmi, a member of the Supreme Scholar Authority, Alhayat newspaper reported.

“Dangerous games like wrestling and other fighting duels could lead to impairment or harm in the brain or the body.

Islamic View on Wrestling
“Therefore, it is prohibited to practice such games.”

Islam encourages followers to practice sports.

The general rule in Islam is that if sports are free from things which are prohibited in Shari`ah, then practicing those sports is beneficial and permissible.

The Islamic position on sports and games is determined by weighing and comparing all relevant benefits and disadvantages.

“Therefore, dangerous games such as wrestling and other fighting duels are not permitted in Islam since they cause unnecessary harm to oneself and the opponent,” Hikmi said.