He isn’t called the Campaigner-in-Chief for nothing.

Via The Hill:

President Obama has called top House Democrats to promise help in 2014, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) told The Hill.

Israel said that he and Obama have had three “personal conversations” on the matter since the November election.

“On election night, just before he went out onstage in Chicago, [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi [(D-Calif.)] and I were sitting at DCCC taking a look at results around the country. He called and he said on the phone ‘I am committed to helping House Democrats in 2014.’ That was a Tuesday. On Thursday he called me on Long Island to say again, ‘I am committed to helping Democrats in 2014.’ At the White House holiday ball I have a picture of him saying ‘I am committed to helping House Democrats in 2014,'” Israel said with a laugh.

Obama has not been known to call House Democrats often. He also took some flak this year for not giving money to the DCCC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, instead saving it for his own campaign. Israel referred to the conflict as a “kerfuffle.”