A big letdown for the anti-Israel crowd.

WASHINGTON – A senior American official told National Journal magazine on Sunday that it was “fair” to say that President Barack Obama is considering candidates other than Chuck Hagel for defense secretary, in particular Michele Flournoy, who was under secretary of defense for policy in Obama’s first term, and Ashton Carter, the current deputy defense secretary.

A week ago it was reported that the former Republican senator was Obama’s top choice, but the National Journal said he “appears to be following the path of Susan Rice as a trial-balloon nominee who finds himself quickly losing altitude in Washington. And as happened with Rice, the White House is now signaling that it may soon puncture Hagel’s hopes.

“Just as occurred with Rice, the UN ambassador whose prospective nomination as secretary of state—leaked to the media—flamed out in the face of widespread criticism of her, President Obama appears to be rethinking his choice for defense secretary,” according to the report.

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