Via Pakistan Tribune:

The pro-government militant faction led by commander Mullah Nazeer has banned mobile phones with built-in digital cameras and memory cards in Wana – a subdivision of South Waziristan tribal region which is believed to be a stronghold of the militant leader.

The announcement, which was made through loudspeakers from different mosques, also warned that any tribesman found in possession of such a cellphone would be fined Rs15,000 and his device would be confiscated.

Prayer leaders and clerics in different mosques have also been asked to spread awareness amongst tribesmen in their Friday sermons about the camera phone ban.

The reason provided for this ban is that the misuse of such mobiles violates the teachings of Islam and tribal customs. Indian and Pashto songs on these phones were cited as an example. The ban is also being used to justify protecting the honour and dignity of tribal women to ensure no videos of them are recorded in violation of the purdah system in the area.  There is only one mobile network inside the Wana Scouts camp and the adjacent localities of Wana subdivision.

In the past, the Mullah Nazeer group set ablaze several camera phones in Wana Rustam Bazaar, and warned tribesmen to avoid using these kinds of technologies.