Then again, nobody expects Touré to say something even half-intelligent.

Via RCP:

MSNBC’S TOURE: We have to remember that the NRA does not really represent gun owners. They really represent gun and ammunition manufacturers. So, they’re not going to do anything tomorrow, or at any point, that would hurt their business, the billion dollar business that they represent

I would love it if they understand that gun safety overall is good for their business in the long run. But then, even if they say that, these moments appear bad for the NRA, and they sort of run and hide as if they know that these moments appear bad. But NRA membership booms in these moments, gun sales boom in these moments. Bushmaster sales are booming. In the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting, glocks boomed. So, in a perverse way — they would never admit this publicly – but in a perverse way these moments are actually good for them. So, then, how do we expect them to not want these moments? […]

They’ve fought for the mentally disabled to have guns. They have fought for that. So, they do want that. They have fought for the mentally ill to have access to guns. That is absolutely true.