Yeah, but they’re helping you build a Jooo-killing nuke, isn’t that more important?

Via Ynet:

A member of the Iranian Parliament expressed his disapproval Thursday of the immodest attire of Russian women working at the Bushehr nuclear facility.

According to the parliament member, the women were receiving extra payment to dress in accordance with Islamic modesty laws, specifically referring to the demand that women’s heads be covered in a hijab.

Despite the additional pay, the Iranian official noted, the women were seen around town improperly dressed and uncovered. He could not say exactly how much was said “hijab-payment.”

“We’ve formed a special camp for the Russians, bet recently they’ve been spotted in Bushehr markets, usually with their heads uncovered,” said Iranian legislator Mehdi Mousavi Nezhad in an interview with a local news agency.

Nezhad stressed that the Russian employees at the Bushehrnuclear facility must follow Iranian law and be considerate of the “values of Iranian and Islamic culture.”