TEHRAN (FNA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani praised the Egyptian people for their high turnout in the Saturday referendum, and welcomed their support for the new constitution which has been compiled based on Islamic rules.

“Despite the plots and conspiracies hatched on the international scene against Egypt, 57% of the Egyptian people stressed, by their presence at the ballot boxes, that Egypt’s laws should be based on the Islamic Sharia,” Larijani said in Tehran on Monday.

The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt declared a victory in the first round of a hotly contested constitutional referendum. The Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, said Sunday its own unofficial exit polls showed 56.5% of voters cast ballots in favor of the draft constitution on Saturday.

The Freedom and Justice Party on Sunday said the voting unfolded in an “atmosphere of integrity and transparency under full supervision of the judiciary the local and international media and human-rights groups.”

During past elections, the Brotherhood has used its massive ground-level campaign network to keep reliable exit polls and turnout data that closely reflect final and official results. Final official results are expected soon after next Saturday’s second round.