The NRA had about as much to do with the tragedy in Connecticut as the Tooth Fairy.

NRA: Still Not Enough? — Huffington Post

How many people will have to die before the NRA and the politicians they control do what most sane people understand has to be done? I have been asking this question for years. Will it be around thirty as appears to be the number in this most recent shooting? Or will it require the massacre of two or three hundred people, or a thousand? Given the right (or rather, wrong) circumstances and the right (wrong) weaponry, this last number is not impossible at all.

What is most tragic about this is that sensible gun legislation WILL happen, it is only a question of how many people have to die before the NRA drags itself into the modern world, and how long it takes the public to insist that politicians bullied into submission by financial pressures that should not exist in a democracy do something about it.

Incredibly, I have already heard people say that this could have been prevented if someone at the school had been armed. What kind of a country do we want to live in? One where teachers are forced to have guns in holsters under their jackets (the least that would be necessary) as they read Thomas the Tank Engine, where the principal has an automatic rifle leaning against his desk? OR a country where these insanely lethal guns are banned?