What a shame.

ANDREA MITCHELL: A lot of Democrats are saying that the president did not show enough loyalty. A lot of women in the administration are very angry tonight, and I’m saying this at a very high level. Angry because they feel that she was not treated with respect, she was not given the support she needed and she was left to twist in the wind.

RACHEL MADDOW: They’re angry, with whom though?

MITCHELL: Angry with the White House. And with the boss, with the president, for not be willing to fight this out. That he’s backed down in the face of a challenge from the Republican minority, after having won a reelection victory. And most people in the foreign policy community understand that as qualified as John Kerry is, and he’s superbly qualified, he was trained — he lived for this post — a son of a diplomat, and clearly wanted this job and will get this job.

But the anger is that she was not responsible for Benghazi. And that what was said on those Sunday talk shows — if you were to deny a promotion to everyone who misspeaks or gets something wrong on Sunday television, including all of us, there would be no one left in Washington. So, for her to be punished for Benghazi, which was not even her responsibility. If there were failures — and this independent review board is coming with its report next week, or its going to be presented to Congress next week. Hillary Clinton, we’re told, from the House and the Senate, is scheduled to testify next Thursday. That is likely to conclude that the State Department was largely at fault for failure, security failures prior to Benghazi.