Not all that surprising.

Via Daily Mail:

[T]he Vogue cover was the culmination of a year of hard work by the ambitious and hard-working Ms Wintour, a committed Democratic Party fundraiser who spotted the White House potential of the Obamas when Barack was still regarded as a rank outsider.

As his star began to rise, Michelle appeared in clothes by fresh, exciting young designers, and political sources say the influence of Ms Wintour on her choice of wardrobe is unmistakable. ‘Anna makes Mrs Obama feel glamorous,’ an administration insider told The Mail on Sunday.

So successful has Wintour’s guidance been that Michelle, rather than Barack, was regarded as the star of this year’s bitterly fought Presidential election.

Now highly placed diplomatic sources in Washington have revealed Michelle is driving the campaign to reward Ms Wintour by making her an ambassador to Paris. The move has been greeted by astonishment on this side of the Atlantic, particularly because of Ms Wintour’s reputation as a capricious ice maiden. Indeed her legendary frostiness, which earned her the soubriquet Nuclear Wintour, seems at odds with the art of international diplomacy.

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