And as you can see by his picture, the reporter is white.

Via The Blaze:

Chris Hedges, author and former New York Times writer for fifteen years, had some interesting  references to make about President Obama’s former minister, Jeremiah Wright.  Hedges, who is a friend of Wright, spoke to an audience in Chicago last month.  Hedges describes the controversial pastors struggles with a Christ-like allegory:

“[Dr. Wright] bent down and picked up the cross. He felt the weight dig into his shoulders. He placed the crown of thorns on his head. He started down the hard road, walked by the preachers and saints before him. The road walked by Martin and Malcolm. The road that still has the footprints of our Lord. He heard again the words of ridicule and derision, because the Romans were sore, sore afraid. … He embodies within him the power and the glory Satan cannot break. In the gospel of Matthew when Satan left Jesus … angels came to Jesus and anointed Jesus to preach the word of God. And that word tonight, in the preacher before us, lives and breathes, and so do the angels who stand by him. […]

The Romans, who Dr. Wright correctly reminds us were white — it was Jesus who was a person of color — don’t like preachers any more today than they did two-thousand years ago.”

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