Radical atheists are always finding new ways to enrage people.

(CNSNews.com) – In what one Republican calls an “unprecedented” move, an atheist group is advising all newcomers to the U.S. House of Representatives to stay away from the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), who founded the caucus in 2005, said the American Humanist Association is among the “extremist groups” that “want to make sure they’ve censored and shut down anything related to faith.”

Forbes, speaking Tuesday on “Fox and Friends,” said the prayer caucus’s 105 members “stand up and fight for religious freedom and religious liberty.”

He said the atheist group — “in a situation that we have never seen before — actually wrote letters trying to get members not to join.” […]

Among its objections to the Congressional Prayer Caucus, the American Humanist Association complains that the caucus supports and believes in the National Motto (“In God We Trust”) and wants to continue the practice of opening Congress with a daily prayer.

“And for those two major reasons they feel that the Congressional Prayer Caucus shouldn’t be in existence and people shouldn’t join it,” Forbes said.