Are they going to sue Mexico next for not giving Americans in the country illegally driver’s licenses? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Via Judicial Watch:

In the latest legal action taken by the increasingly powerful open borders movement, the governor of Arizona is being sued by a coalition of civil rights groups for banning illegal immigrants from getting driver’ licenses in her state.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued the order in late August to help counter the Obama Administration’s stealth amnesty program, which is sparing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from deportation. Under the plan, called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” illegal immigrants under the age of 30 who came to the U.S. as children can remain in the country and obtain work permits. President Obama sidestepped Congress and created it in June via executive order.

Brewer fought back with her own order to stop illegal immigrants who obtain work permits under the federal program from getting taxpayer-funded perks or licenses in her state. In the document Brewer explains that allowing Arizona’s 80,000 deferred action recipients improper access to state or local benefits will have significant and lasting impacts on the state’s budget, its healthcare system and additional public benefits that taxpayers fund.

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