Behold, the hardest working man in Washington.

Via Mediaite:

On Monday, the New York Times updated its readers on the status of the ongoing negotiations between the White House and Congressional Republicans to strike a deal which would resolve the upcoming fiscal cliff. The Times’ review of the state of negotiations reads more like cheerleading for President Barack Obama’s newly-energetic negotiating style. The Times does not dwell on the fact that the White House’s entry into negotiations has scuttled progress and obliterated a rapidly coalescing bipartisan consensus around tax increases coupled with entitlement reforms which many prominent members of Congress had agreed to in theory last week.

“Disciplined and unyielding,” New York Times’ reporter Peter Baker writes, “[Obama] argues for raising taxes on the wealthy while offering nothing new to rein in spending and overhaul entitlement programs beyond what was on the table last year.” […]

Fortunately for Congress and, indeed, the nation, the president never stops working on the problem – even when he is golfing.

“The depth of disagreement played out on the Sunday morning talk shows, even as Mr. Obama went golfing with former President Bill Clinton in a session that White House officials presumed would include trading notes about the fiscal crisis,” the Times notes. Lest the reader believe that Obama is merely having fun while the clock rapidly ticks down to a crisis, the Times is certain to note that this was a working outing.