Then again, how much training is required to detonate a suicide vest?

Via Daily Mail:

Three young boys and a handler have been arrested in Pakistan after they were allegedly caught travelling to a suicide bomber training camp, it emerged today.

The children – aged 12 to 14 – were being transported from Karachi to a city in north Waziristan, near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, when police arrested them following a tip-off.

They were arrested on Tuesday as they boarded a bus in northwest Pakistan, according to CNN.

Police official Mir Ahmed Khan told CNN: ‘We arrested the boys on a tip.’

It reports the children, originally from south Waziristan but living in Karachi, confessed to police they were travelling for suicide bomb training.

Khan told CNN the trio and alleged handler Yahya Medsud were brought before an anti-terror court yesterday.

The police official said the handler is accused of being part of a gang that recruits young boys for suicide bombing.

Pakistan news website Dawn said Medsud had been remanded in custody.