The Egyptians take their Joooo-hatred very seriously.

Via JPost:

The battle over Egypt’s Islamic rule and the new constitution recently took an unexpected turn when opposition figure and Noble Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei criticized the Constituent Assembly claiming that one of its members was a Holocaust denier.

The unusual comment stirred uproar in Egypt in the backdrop of widespread protests against President Mohammed Morsi’s decree grating him near-absolute power.

Earlier this month, nearly all of the assembly’s Christian and Liberals members resigned in protest. Asked to explain this move ElBaradei told Der Spiegel, “We all fear that the Muslim Brotherhood will draft an Islamist-leaning constitution that hurts the rights of women and religious minorities.”

Those who remained, he said, “include one who wants to ban music…another who denies the Holocaust and another who openly condemns democracy.” […]

An Egyptian newswoman said, “One of the most remarkable things is that ElBaradei has no problem denying the existence of Allah while considering Holocaust denial a serious problem.”