I wouldn’t be surprised if Morsi backs down.

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — A wave of fresh clashes erupted in Egypt on Sunday as resentment over the president’s new powers and support for him continue to divide the country.

The latest clashes broke out between protesters and security forces on the outskirts of Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt’s state-run Nile TV reported.

The unrest may be a prelude to dueling demonstrations scheduled for later this week.

The sides are divided over Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy and the Islamist movement that he once led. On Thursday, he announced that courts could not overturn any decree or law he has issued since taking office in June and, beyond that, in the six months until a new constitution is finalized, his spokesman said on state-run TV.

The president also fired Egypt’s prosecutor general, who has been criticized for the insufficient prosecutions of those suspected in demonstrators’ deaths in 2011.

The moves sparked widespread protests.

The opposition has called for an open-ended sit-in at Cairo’s central Tahrir Square “to defend the revolution and the Egyptian state,” according to state-run EGYNews. It is planning a major protest Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, the movement Morsy once led, has said it will stage nationwide demonstrations starting Sunday to back the president’s plans. It also announced a “Million Man” demonstration Tuesday at Abdeen Square in Cairo to support Morsy.