I love how getting the snot kicked out of you passes as a military “victory” in the Islamic world.

(Friday, Nov 23, 2012) — When they finally emerged from their houses after eight days of Israeli bombardment, the people of Gaza seemed to have only one desire: to satisfy their craving for sugar.

Sweet shops and pastry makers were over-run with customers on Thursday morning, the day after an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire entered into effect.

“People rushed to the shop as soon as it opened,” said Abu Wassim, the owner of Alqadi Famous Sweets in Jabalya. His store sold four times more baklava, knaffeh and other sugary delights than on normal days. “In your country, when you celebrate a victory, you open a bottle of alcohol,” he said. “Here, we go and buy sweets.”

In Gaza, they have been treating the end of the latest bloody clash between Israel and Hamas as a Palestinian victory. Of that they have no doubt.

On Wednesday night, thousands celebrated spontaneously in the streets, minutes after the ceasefire announcement. On Thursday, declared a national holiday by the Gaza authorities, there were victory parades and rallies. On Friday, the midday prayers were dominated by declarations of victory, with some preachers drawing a line between the latest conflict and the Prophet Mohammed’s victory over the infidels.