I’m sure Israel wouldn’t mind vaporizing them.

Via Jakarta Globe:

The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) distributed registration forms to volunteers willing to wage jihad against Israel at a protest in front of the US Embassy on Friday.

The hard-line group said they already had some volunteers — including FPI paramilitary commander Munarman — and that they planned to send FPI members to Palestine regardless of visa requirements.

“They will, insha Allah [God willing], depart with other volunteers,” FPI deputy chief Bernard Abdul Zabbar said on the sidelines of Friday’s protest. “Whether they permit us to go or not, we will still help volunteers who wish to go. We have many friends who will help us whether the state allows us to go or not.”

FPI members distributed the forms to the 5,000 protestors who gathered to demonstrate outside the US Embassy in Jakarta. The protestors denounced the United States for failing to side with Palestinians and burned photos of US President Barack Obama, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.