Via Daily Caller:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is flying to Cairo on Tuesday as President Barack Obama’s Islamic-outreach policy is faces a critical test of its claimed ability to curb Islamists’ use of jihad

After Obama launched his “New Beginning “ outreach to Islamists in 2009, he pressured the Egyptian army to avoid involvement in politics, which opened the door to the Muslim Brotherhood’s subsequent 2011 and 2012 ballot-box takeover in Egypt.

The takeover, he argued, would be a body-blow to jihadis’ claims that Muslims’ political aspirations can only be achieved by force.

However, Egypt’s 80 million Muslims have elected a new Islamist government that has provided far more ideological and political support to the Gaza-based Hamas jihad group than was ever shown or allowed by the ousted Egyptian strongman, Gen. Hosni Mubarak. […]

Morsi is slated to meet with Clinton on her trip, which will also take her to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem and to the Arab communities in the West Bank.

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