From our favorite “moderate” Muslim country.

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 19, 2012) — Arabs lack the discipline and organisational skills needed to plan and carry out detailed attacks such as the Sept 11 tragedy, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

Questioning the authenticity of the official story on the tragedy which shook the world, Mahathir said the “9/11” attacks involved “very complex elements which needed detailed planning, precise timings and disciplined execution” that he feels Arabs lack.

“I can imagine trained operatives like those in the Central Intelligence Agency (USA) or Mossad (Israel) planning and executing this complex operation, but I cannot imagine an Arab like Osama bin Laden planning and directing this sophisticated aerial attacks from some remote place in Afghanistan,” he said.

Mahathir was speaking at the one-day International Conference on “9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth” organised by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation.

“The official explanation for the destruction of the World Trade Centre twin towers is still about an attack by suicidal Muslim extremists.

“But even among Americans this explanation is beginning to wear thin and being questioned,” he said.