Even chief blood sucker knows deep down it’s the union’s fault.

Via Politico:

The Bain attack is back.

This time it’s being used against Hostess Brands, the Twinkies and Wonder Bread maker that announced Friday it was closing. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka drew the comparison in a public statement Friday.

“What’s happening with Hostess Brands is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America, as Bain-style Wall Street vultures make themselves rich by making America poor,” Trumka said in a public statement. “Crony capitalism and consistently poor management drove Hostess into the ground, but its workers are paying the price.”

Earlier Friday, Hostess Brands announced that it would be closing, which the company said was precipitated by a workers’ strike.

Trumka’s comparing Hostess to Brain comes after an election in which former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was criticized for co-founding Bain Capital.

Trumka took the workers’ the side, saying Hostess’ leaders and policies were “wrecking America.”

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