Petraeus pushed under the Obama Express?

Via Fox News:

New reporting by the Wall Street Journal suggests that the Benghazi attack may have played a major role in General Petraeus’ resignation as director of the CIA. This report suggests that Petraeus may have been pushed out of the position because he tried to challenge the Obama administration’s timeline of the attack. According to the report, Petraeus wanted to come out and push harder in defense of the CIA and what it did in Benghazi, but was told not to.

Former U.S. Navy Captain Chuck Nash joined America Live to comment on the report, saying, “There have been so many disclosures that all happened after the election to where it’s almost like a news dump on a Friday evening. It just raises suspicion.”

Nash continued, “In Washington, there really aren’t coincidences. And so when you look at all of these things and go, ‘Well, that’s coincidence, that’s a coincidence,’ these coincidences are falling daily. This is very unusual, so that raises everyone’s suspicion and reduces the trust level so now everybody’s looking at everything.”