Via Washington Examiner:

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., will take over as Senate Budget Committee chairman, but she said raising taxes is a higher priority for her than passing what would be the first budget in four years.

“If we can get Republicans to quit protecting the wealthy in order to move forward and solve that, then I think we are on a path to be able to make the decisions we need to do and move towards a budget,” Murray told the Politico Huddle while revealing that she plans to take over the top spot on the Budget Committee. (To raise taxes before passing a budget would, perhaps, make the Democratic spending plans look less irresponsible as the tax hikes would lower the projected deficit caused by that spending.)

Huddle explained that “by announcing her intentions now, Murray is making it clear she wants to play a role in the bipartisan negotiations to solve the ‘fiscal cliff,’ the mix of tax hikes and spending cuts set to hit the country at the end of the year.”

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