Giddy up!

Via NOW Lebanon:

Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheikh Mohammad Ali Jouzo said that the highest Sunni religious authority in Lebanon could not prevent Salafi Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir from arming his supporters.

“[Dar al-Fatwa] cannot prevent Assir or any other sheikh from conducting the work they intend to do… As long as there are illegal weapons in Lebanon, everyone else has the right to [acquire arms],” Jouzo told NOW on Wednesday.

He added that Dar al-Fatwa, despite the fact that it is “against weapons,” cannot reject Assir’s request to possess arms when “Hezbollah, the Amal Movement, the Syrian Socialist National Party and the Baath Party have weapons.”

The Sunni mufti also said that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah should apologize for the events that took place in the southern city of Sidon where fatal clashes took place between supporters of Hezbollah and Assir.