As predicted.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that she will stay on as House Democratic leader in the next Congress.

The California Democrat had remained mum about that decision all year, fueling speculation that she might relinquish power and raising questions about the party’s direction after a decade under her reign.

But in a meeting with the House Democratic Caucus in the Capitol Wednesday morning, the 13-term liberal told her troops that she’ll seek to remain minority leader in the 113th Congress, according to a source in the room.

Her decision suggests that, despite enormous Democratic losses in 2010 – and only modest gains at the polls this year – Pelosi remains confident she can sway policy next year even from the House minority leader spot. Her role could be particularly pronounced in the next Congress, as policymakers are expected to seek a grand bargain on deficit reduction that will necessarily focus on tax and entitlement reform – two issues in which Pelosi has long-taken a special interest.