It’s good to be royalty.

RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day (Facebook):

Today I arrived back home on the same flight as Debbie Wasserman Schultz. At the arrival gate was two Broward County Sheriff’s in full uniform complete with guns on their hips to whoop it up as she got off the plane. As they walked with her carrying her bag I asked “is it appropriate for Broward County Sheriff officers to be carrying people’s luggage instead of protecting people at the airport”.

The Officer on left said “if we want to”. I asked again “if it was appropriate and as a Broward County taxpayer I did not think it was appropriate and they were paid to protect us not carry people’s baggage”. The officer on the right looked at me and stated “don’t be a hater”. I responded “I’m not a hater…I am a taxpayer and I don’t find it appropriate. You are paid to keep us safe not carry luggage”. His response again was yes you are a hater.. don’t be a hater”. He then stated again and again “Don’t be a hater…don’t be a hater”. I don’t find it appropriate for our Broward County Sheriff Officers on airport duty to carry luggage for whom they want to and I don’t think it is appropriate for them to be disrespectful to the people that pay their salaries like me – a taxpayer. By the way…I’ m not a hater!