Fox News and NBC News call it for Obama. RIP America.

Update 11:15 pm: Fox News calls Ohio for Obama. Lights out, folks.

Update 11:07 pm: Romney wins Missouri, up to 202.

Update 11:05 pm: Obama wins CA, HI, WA, Romney ID and MT.

Update 11:01 pm: Romney wins North Carolina.

Update 10:43 pm: Fox’s calls Arizona for Romney.

Update 10:12 pm: Claire McCaskill defeats Todd Akin.

Update 10:10 pm: Mike Pence wins Indiana’s governor race.

Update 10:07 pm: Romney takes Utah and Montana.

Update 9:57 pm: Fox News calls NH for Obama.

Update 9:53 pm: This woman is now my U.S. senator. I feel like vomiting.

Update 9:32 pm: Proof Dems are brain-dead sheeple.

Older updates below fold:

Update 9:27 pm: Obama wins Wisconsin.

Update 9:24 pm: Hurl alert: Alan Grayson is back in Congress.

Update 9:16 pm: Fox News just called Pennsylvania for Obama. Major bummer.

After Penn the EC is Romney 154 vs. Obama 143.

Update 9:09 pm: Sorry Nancy, no speakership for you.

Update 9:03 pm: EC after last round of calls.

Update 9:01 pm: Obama wins Michigan. Damn.

Update 8:53 pm: Electoral college update.

Update 8:49 pm: Romney wins Alabama.

Update 8:31 pm: Romney takes Georgia, Arkansas.

Update 8:19 pm: Link to track Brown vs. Warren.

Update 8:13 pm: Link to track Allen West in Florida.

Update 8:11 pm: Obama wins IL, CT, ME, DC, DE, RI, MD, MA; Romney wins OK .

Update 7:55 pm: Romney takes Georgia.

Update 7:53 pm: South Carolina is Romney country!

Update 7:48pm: Two more for Romney.

Update 7:05pm: Romney wins Indiana, Kentucky, Obama gets Vermont.