Can’t wait to hear it.

(CNN) – Hours before the polls closed Tuesday, GOP nominee Mitt Romney told reporters on his plane that he’s so confident in a win he’s only prepared a victory speech.

“I’ve only written one speech at this point,” Romney said, adding the text of that address was 1,118 words long.

Saying “intellectually” he’s felt he was going to win the election for a long time, Romney said his final campaign stops in Ohio and Pittsburgh Tuesday gave him an emotional jolt as well that victory is within his grasp.


Via The Hill:

President Obama has prepared a concession speech, he told Denver’s Fox affiliate in a round of swing state interviews shortly before polls closed Tuesday.

“You always have two speeches prepared because you can’t take anything for granted,” Obama told FOX31. “It is an extraordinary privilege to serve the people, whatever the office. I have served as a state senator, a U.S. senator and now as the president. And each and every time I’ve been reminded that it is the people where power ultimately resides; and I’m their representative, I’m their servant.”

Republican candidate Mitt Romney by contrast told reporters earlier Tuesday that he has only prepared a 1,118 word victory speech.