Note to the left: If you’re going to try and smear conservatives you should probably use the name of a tea party that actually exists.

Via Breitbart:

Flyers claiming to be from a non-existent Tea Party in Medina, Ohio were placed in mailboxes on Monday urging Ohio voters to defeat “the n***er” in the White House to “help keep our country strong and white.”

The flyers, obtained by Breitbart News, were found in mailboxes along Rt. 252 in Medina County, Ohio. It is against federal law to place such flyers into mailboxes.

Amy Brighton, Co-founder and Co-coordinator of Medina Tea Party Patriots, told Breitbart News that these “disgusting” flyers were a “desperate attempt to smear the millions of Americans involved in and supportive of the tea party movement on the eve of the election.”

“A person or people claiming to be from a non-existent tea party group targeted voters in Ohio with a vile, racially charged flyer,” Brighton said.

Brighton asserted, “this disgusting piece of literature is the antithesis of what the tea party movement stands for.” He denounced the flyers and those responsible for them. […]

The flyer claims to be from MCTP (or Medina County Tea Party), which does not exist.  

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